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2013: Ross & Tina's Year in Review

Karnig Ross Baron Porter

Ross grew up in Ross, CA.  He is a nerd who tries to prove otherwise by playing sports and proclaiming Coors Lite to be his favorite beer.  Ross attended Stanford University where he majored in Mechanical Engineering, played on the Varsity Men's Soccer team, and found brotherhood in the Kappa Sigma fraternity.  He now works for Nuvosun, an engineering-based solar company.

Martina Jeanette Lee

Tina claims to have no sense of humor, even though she has no trouble making people laugh.  After graduating from UCLA, she worked several years at the EPATT program in Palo Alto.  She is currently in her third year of medical school at Drexel University.  She has not decided on a specialty yet, but Ross wants her to do Radiology Oncology (not really, Ross just wanted to show off his medical lingo).  Tina enjoys wakeboarding and cheese.

Tina & Ross

Tina and Ross met while Ross was in grad school at Stanford, and Tina was working at EPATT.  Their first date was playing soccer-- one-on-one with a trash can.  The game ended with a sprained ankle (Ross's) and two bloody knees (Tina's).  There was no winner (Ross won).

Ross jokes that he was attracted to Tina because she was so similar to himself.  Tina jokes that Ross is just in love with himself. 

Tina doesn't think their faces are compatible to have attractive kids.  Ross has (unsuccesfully) tried to prove her wrong with face meshing software.

Ross loves playing backgammon with Tina.  Tina hates backgammon.

Ross once spent months mastering the game of Othello, and when Tina finally relented to play against him, she won.  Pissed off, Ross demanded a pitcher pound contest.  Ross won.

Now, they are married.

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