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Baby Registry

We registered at Tadpole ( -- the local baby store down the street from our house.  

They know Ross there as the guy who greets every employee by asking, "Where can I find the nipple cream?".




Additionally, we probably need the following that we did not register for:

  • BOOKS.  Ross really wants to start reading to the baby.  The baby will probably just want to chew or drool on the books.

  • Baby clothes.

  • Toys.  Ross thinks this is cool.  Tina thinks that it is scary.  

  • Any other essentials that we forgot/don't know exist.



Boston Birthday Party and Baby Shower

Saturday, November 14th 

4 pm to whenever you get tired


No need to bring anything!  Significant others and kids are welcome.  There will be plenty of food and booze as well as non-alcoholic beverages.



Troy Boston Penthouse

266 E. Berkeley St.

Boston, MA  02118


This is the indoor rooftop of our apartment complex. We live in apartment #322.



Parking lots located across the street at 324 Albany street OR 274 Albany street

- $2.50 per hour or $20 for 24 hours


There is also street parking on Harrison Ave and a few of the surrounding side streets.

Marin, CA Baby Shower

Saturday, November 28th 

11:30 am to 4 pm


Hosted by Christine Baron.

Lunch and drinks will be served. Kids welcome.



Porter House

45 Idlewood Rd

Kentfield, CA  94904


Parking:  We will send a message prior to the event with parking information.


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